Farmlands Market:
A Hometown Tradition

Farmlands Market

Jessica Landstra

Jessica Landstra grew up in Creswell, attended Creswell High School, and still lives here with her husband and kids. She began Farmlands Market when she was 20 and after 7 years, Farmlands has become a community staple.

"My parents attended a meeting where the Mayor of Creswell expressed that no grocery store was coming into town after Ray’s went out of business. My parents saw an opportunity to help the town we lived in by opening a store. We found a silent investor and a building and started doing research on what we needed to do to open a new business and what a grocery store should be. On June 30th of 2014, we opened Farmlands Market with very little stock and started turning profit into more stock. The town believed in me because people kept coming back and making suggestions as to what we should carry. I had a notebook on the front counter that people could write requests in, so as we sold products, we bought new products to try."

Creswell is a small, but diverse community. Our products are a balance of local, good and affordable. We have the hungry man and the people who want to make amazing dinner dishes.
Jessica and her staff work on getting as many local products, like wine and produce, as they can to meet Creswell's varied demands.

For Jessica, the community has always been there, and her family has always been an integral part of Creswell; her parents helped form the 4th of July parade and her father volunteered with the fire department for 30 years.

Farmlands Market donated food to the local food pantry when their supplies were low, sparking a food drive that other businesses followed suit in. Landstra will also give money to children for sports uniforms or food if they come in and talk with her.

”Somehow I carved a large space for myself in this community and people respect what I do,” she said. ”If I take the leap (in giving), other people will, too. That's a big deal to lead something like that. Our community helps out our community; it's give, give, give.”

Farmlands Market continues to grow our products, departments, and employees. We love this town and love our customers.